Tamarak began on September 21, 1980. The original members of the band were Steve Christenson and Mark Hanus on guitars, Hillard Krechlow on bass and Curt Jones on drums. In the beginning Tamarak was mostly country with a little fiftes mixed in.
Like most bands, members came and went quite often. Throughout the eighties the lineup changed frequently. One of the most well known members was Nick St. Nicholas, formerly of the band Steppenwolf. As the eighties progressed into the nineties Tamarak became more of a rock band.
During the nineties the heart and soul of the band was Donna Ruhland on vocals and Curt Jones on drums. Dan Grise and his guitar joined Tamarak in January of 1997. After a brief hiatus in the beginning of 2000, Curt and Dan revived Tamarak with current members Dave Millett on guitar and Allen Lerold on bass. Tamarak is now a pure driving no holds barred rock-n-roll band. They have fun every night putting on their show, and so does the crowd. Please check out our schedule, and come find out for yourself.